Trench Atticus Gigi Hakkun Ceph Bertie

  Name: Trench
Occupation: Aspiring author
Description: Gold-blond hair, gray eyes, pale, long-chinned. Skinny.
Ht: 5’6”
Wt: 115 lbs
Gender: Female
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food/drink: Sushi/apple juice
Likes: Dandelions, octopusususususes, communists, Wikipedia, Anime/Manga, Fanfiction, Star Trek, T3h Intarwebz, reading, and having etymological high ground.
Dislikes: Hypocrisy, bureaucracy, Eragon, illiteracy, algebra, whining, crowds, dogs, seaweed, and crickets.
Does in free time: Daydreams, procrastinates, and writes.
Age: 16

  Name: Atticus Finch
Occupation: Felis Domesticus
Description: Blue-gray fur, gold eyes, handsome face. Built muscular, not stocky.
Ht: 3’3”
Wt: 17 lbs
Gender: Male
Favorite colors: Green and pink
Favorite food/drink: Cheddar cheese/milk
Likes: Birds, lizards, gophers, junipers, tomatoes, Trench, sleep, Starcraft, moths, socks, and whatever that is you’re eating, there.
Dislikes: Water, dust, jackhammers, calicos, roller skates, Santa hats, bells, collars, and being forced to do anything.
Does in free time: Pesters Gigi and Trench.
Age: 2 ½ (It’s like 23 in cat equivalency…)

  Name: Gigi (G.G.)
Occupation: Kitty
Description: Fluffy-headed Siamese/Tortishell mix, blue-violet eyes. Rubber-spined, built light.
Ht: 2’10”
Wt: 10 lbs
Gender: Female
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite food/drink: Liver/cream
Likes: Boys, shnoobling, Atticus, pestering, shiny things, climbing, daisies, sunshine, Vinyl records, and dust-bathing.
Dislikes: Water, noise, bad smells, holes, grapes, fleas, German Shepherds, small children, and San Diego.
Does in free time: Follows Atticus around.
Age: 1 ½ (Feline equivalent of 13)

  Name: Hakkun
Occupation: Best human friend to Trench, writer, punster
Description: Blonde hair longer than the average guy parted down the middle, blue eyes, of strong build(Think Norwegian bachelor farmer)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 235 lbs.
Favorite color: Orange!
Favorite food/drink: EVERYTHING!/Pink Lemonade
Likes: Writing (sporadically), classic books, school, and classical music (off-screen only)
Dislikes: The misuse of the finer grammatical arts, 90% of all electronic media
Does in spare time: Reads, writes, creates puns, practices viola(off-screen only), maintains a balance between the order and chaos of the group(most of the time *evil grin*)
Age: 17 (going on 18 [and not becoming a nazi])

  Name: Ceph
Occupation: Trench’s Muse, Giant Pacific Octopus
Description: Squishy tentacles, yellow goat-pupil eyes. Goes from red to pale depending on mood.
Ht: Varies
Wt: 59 lbs
Gender: Male
Favorite color: Red
Favorite food/drink: Crab & mushrooms/sake
Likes: Good writing, gadgets, fixing things, first-person shooters, pickle jars, algebra, Sharpies, schoolgirls, and aquariums.
Dislikes: Sushi, calamari, tako, ika, udon, clichés, Mary-Sues, Seafood salad, rye whiskey and the Muse’s Guild.
Does in free time: Visits the seashore
Age: 7 years as an octopus, 12 more as a muse… Equivalent 30-something

  Name: Bertie
Occupation: Laptop, warming pan
Description: Square, flat, and gray.
Ht: 3 ½” (closed)
Wt: 7 lbs
Gender: Male
Favorite color: Lime
Favorite food/drink: Floppy disks/dust-off
Likes: Tabitha, Starcraft, Solitaire, the Microsoft Word mascot, snooping, DnD, One Piece, and painting.
Dislikes: Muffins, LAN parties, high altitudes, Ceph, champagne, water, and blunt force trauma.
Does in free time: sleeps
Age: about eight.
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