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Rachel Collins (aka Trench) Stephen Molnar (aka Hakkun)
Rachel Collins is a sixteen-year-old public school attendee, aspiring author, and webcomic artist. Her style is anime, but she would like to do more realistic rendering, if she had the time and the resources. Her goal in writing is to completely reinvent the fantasy genre, not too tall an order, since Stephen wants to write the next Great American Novel. She is obsessed with octopuses, preying mantises, Egyptian mythology, retro technology, and eighties slang. Her main goal in life is to rule the world in a Communist dictatorship and wear shiny boots and take taxes in Costco muffins. She hates people who misspell her name, and people that have her name, too. Over the past three years, she has been mistaken for a boy eight times. It has been proven that Stephen Molnar is indefinable. He detests stereotypes, conformity or any other type of box more than anything else he can think of. He is 17 years old, looking to get his Associate's by the end of the year. He writes on occasion, but is routinely distracted with school, chores, practicing and performing viola, reading classics, general web surfing, and drifting into thought for hours. Writing-wise, he wishes to write something that is new (He knows there is something new to be written someplace). He is infamous for his love of orange and his slightly erratic yet stable demeanor. He has a general fear of cars. He hopes to, one day, rule the world and implement all of his abstract ideologies to make the world a better place.
What? Catpaint is a webcomic about Trench, a writer, and her slightly disturbing environment. This includes octopi, catgirls, muses, general squickness, and random summoning of the undead. And that's just the second splatter!
When? Catpaint updates every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at about 11:30 pm PST.
How? The lovely Trench writes and draws the comic. Through a somewhat undercover procedure, the comics, art, and other Catpaint paraphernalia is transmitted to Hakkun, who scans the art, pretties them up and puts them on the website. He also maintains the website and is the unofficial advertising chair. Hakkun will also be writing every fifth or sixth splatter. *cheers*
Why? Ever since Trench first discovered Megatokyo and passed it on to Hakkun, they have wanted to do a webcomic (Check out the links page for our influences). They realized this long ago on one of their phone conversations. We had the capability to; Trench drew comics for fun anyway and had stories out the wazzoo, and Hakkun had sufficient knowledge of all things web. After a few failed attempts at other ideas, Catpaint formed. And the rest are archives.

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